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Over this past weekend, there was a major influx of orders. Around 80 Morse code bracelets were ordered, which means I had to order a lot of new beads, findings, and other supplies. (Morse code bracelets are always made-to-order, thus I don’t have a stock of completed on-hand.) I’m hoping that they get here quickly so there isn’t a delay in making the bracelets. I just wanted to put a note up here for those who have ordered and those who will be ordering to let them know that I am working on getting these orders fulfilled as quickly as possible....

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You may have noticed an increase in prices for items available through print on demand partners. This is to cover increases in prices in their items and in shipping from them. I wish that I could have kept the prices lower, but I was actually starting to lose money at the rates I had previously had. I’m sorry about this increase.

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