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Potential Delays I have to have surgery on July 15th. If you order that week or the next, there might be a slight delay on shipment.   Brand Ambassador Program Starting in August, SSBJ will have brand ambassador programs for jewelry, bath & body, and hair accessories. More information on that & forms to join the program can be found here.    Slight Website Change I have moved this around here to help with navigation. I may continue to do that.    New Items So, you may have noticed that there are clothing, furniture, and other options on the site....

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Classes, Coming Events, Fluid Art, Jewelry -

I'm planning on teaching classes this fall for jewelry making, fluid art, and I may add in some other types. I want them to start in September, but I may have to postpone until October because I may be having bilateral hip surgery. It's been hard for me to stand for long periods of time, and has impacted my ability to participate in festivals, conventions, and other events.  I will still be adding products regardless of whether I have surgery on one hip, both hips, or neither of my hips. 

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