Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to ship items?

It depends on what you’ve ordered and how many orders I am filling. Some items (including one of a kind jewelry and art) may ship same day or, at least, within days. Most of the jewelry I make is made to order. The shipping times on these items depend on the availability of supplies, how long it takes to actually make the items, and, as stated earlier, how many orders I am filling. It can take at least 1-2 weeks to receive supplies, and it may take as many as 1-2 weeks to fulfill the order and ship it. 

Are items available for wholesale?
Yes! Most items are available for wholesale for your shop or business. Please contact me if you're interested.
Do you have coupons and promotional offers?
I do have thank you coupons for people who have placed orders. I also create other coupons that may be announced on other social media outlets.


Do you sell nickel free jewelry?

Yes. I also sell jewelry that may contain nickel. If an item is nickel free, it will be indicated in the description and name of that item. As someone prone to allergies, including nickel, I know how important it is to find items that won't harm you. I will try to make the process as easy for you as possible.


Custom and personalized orders
If you don't see exactly what you want, feel free to ask me to customize an item to meet your needs. The worst thing that I can do is say no. I may charge slightly more to account for the changes, but I will generally say yes.
For example, if you want me to double the length of one of the Morse code bracelets so that you can double wrap it, I will do that, but the price will be higher.


I want a custom saying for my Morse code bracelet. Will you do that for me?
Generally speaking, yes, I will. I do reserve the right to refuse service in some cases.


Sizing details
Most items will have their size described in inches.
For Bracelets:
In terms of S-M-L sizes, a 7" bracelet is considered "Small" a 7.5-8" bracelet is considered "Medium", and 8-8.5" is considered "Large" for adult women. Over 9" is considered Plus Size for women. For Men, an inch is added to most of these measurements. I recommend measuring your wrist before ordering.
Anklets are generally 9" or larger. Again, measuring your body will help.
If you want a tight fit, add about 0.25-0.3”. If you want a looser fit, add 0.5-1”.
Unless it is otherwise specified, lengths of bracelets & anklets can be altered/customized for you.


I have an idea for an item I think you should carry.

Dude, tell me. I’m always up for suggestions.

These colors for your Morse Code bracelets don’t sound like ones I would like. Can I order a different color?

Yes. I use Toho Beads for those bracelets, so let me know which color you would prefer. I will try ordering the color you want. It may take a little longer.
Can I order a different color for jewelry with cube shaped beads?
Yes. I use Miyuki Square/Cube Shaped Beads. Let me know what colors you would rather have on your jewelry. It may take a little longer while I wait for the beads to arrive.