Swifty Morse Code Bracelet

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Are you a Taylor Swift fan? I bet you have a blank space in your jewelry box looking for this bracelet. Or maybe you have a friend or family member that is a total Swifty; if you don't get this bracelet for them, they might ask you "why can't you see [it] belongs with me?" Spare yourself that experience and order it today.

The message of the bracelet (Swifty) is spelled out in Morse code.

The base (or primary) color is up to you. 'Spacer' beads are gold. 'Dots' are black and 'dashes' are clear/white. If you would like to use the spacer, dot, or dash color as your base color, then I will need to know what you'd like to replace that color with for those items.

The beads are strung on a stainless steel wire & the findings (clasp & crimp bead) are nickel free silver-colored metal. If you would prefer a different type of metal for the findings, let me know.

The bracelet is unisex.