Large Perler Bead Bow Barrette

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This cute bow barrette will allow you to show off your fun, quirky side and, possibly, your political side as well. You can buy one for yourself or as gifts for friends. They're great for everyday wear, but would also be totally awesome to wear while at a convention or for cosplay. They'd also rock at festivals, concerts, and Pride festivities.

Each barrette is made by fusing a 3mm metal barrette to the backside of the beaded bow.

Color and pattern choice is totally up to you. Patterns available are: solid, striped, polka dots, and flags. Keep in mind that each pattern style requires you to choose a different number of colors. For solid bows, you'll need to pick two colors; for striped and polka dots, three; and flags will feature the colors of whatever flag you have chosen. (When choosing a flag, please do not pick one that has hateful associations.)

It should only take 48 hours for me to make and ship the barrette. If I anticipate a delay, I will let you know.